Life Crystal

Glowing Crystal that stores Power Points


These Crystals start are purely clear crystals. Any creature that wields them will feel the warmth of psionics beneath their fingers. They do not have any function for most creatures, though. However, the first dromite to touch a life crystal that is not already an owner of a life crystal will bond with the crystal. This causes the crystal to change color to match the caste color of the dromite that touches it (this in fact is how the caste is first discovered for each dromite). This also allows the dromite to use the crystal as a 1 Power Point Cognizance Crystal.


Life Crystal Mythology:

The dromites of Nefir have always had a close connection to the Life Crystals, from the moment their founder walked through that portal all those centuries ago. For some reason when Nefir traveled through the portals, dre blacked out. As Nefir slowly came to, Nefir swore that dre heard something calling drer name. When Nefir woke up, dre was completely surrounded by the Life Crystals. The city’s founder never figured out where exactly the voice came from, but believed it came from the crystals. That voice would haunt Nefir for the rest of drer life. Many dromites both then and now brushed off Nefir’s claim, saying that Nefir had imagined the voice. For years, Nefir looked to prove them wrong. Until the day of drer death, dre searched for the reason why these crystals were so special. To this day, no one has figured out the mystery surrounding them. As if to back the claims Nefir made so long ago, the miners who have harvested Life Crystals over the years say they’ve occasionally heard voices. However, this fact has been kept tightly under wraps by both the Council and the Queen’s Court. Nefir wrote a series of documents that chronicled drer’s research into the Life Crystals. Documents which have been locked away in the city’s library ever since the time of Nefir’s death. Only a small handful of dromites have earned the privilege to read Nefir’s nearly forgotten documents.

Life Crystal

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