Mighty Dwarven Pick

Mighty Mithril Pick

weapon (melee)

This Pick is Masterwork and Psionic. Although this has no enhancement bonus of base, this pick has Bane (Construct), and thusly acts as a +2 weapon that deals an additional 2d6 against constructs. This item also has the ability to instantly destroy most unattended objects. The item’s power is also addictive, and each stage of addiction can get worse and worse, and requires will saves on use. More than likely, the user will eventually be using the pick to destroy random objects just for fun.
WARNING: overuse causes strain on the body. For each 10 times the pick is swung in one day, the user takes 1 damage to str, con, and dex.
This weapon acts as a large sized heavy pick (1 handed), dealing 1d8 damage, and having a x4 critical damage. Also overcomes damage reduction against mithril or cold iron.

This pick was turned into a +1 mithril shirt in the Forge. Sandstorm can focus using the shirt to manifest a Greatpick of his size with the construct bane ability. This is in addition to any abilities currently granted by his Soul Knife class. When swinging with this pick against an object or construct, the user is fatigued for the remainder of the encounter. If used a second time, the user is not again fatigued, but simply remains fatigued (or becomes fatigued again if something causes the status to be lifted) instead of becoming exhausted. Manifesting it will cause a pick that has the following stats: 2d6 damage, x4 crit, overcomes DR as mithril and cold iron. Piercing.


Little is really known of this pick, except that it was built as the “key” to Elesana’s tomb. SandStorm used the pick to obliterate the rock, and is starting to become addicted to its power. He now holds the pick, refusing anyone else to use it or keep it. He WILL NOT sell this item, and will ALWAYS keep it. He may enchant it further in the future, if he can afford it.

Mighty Dwarven Pick

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