Shimerglow Quiver

Quiver of Deep Crystal arrows


This quiver can generate 20 Deep Crystal arrows at the cost of 1 power point, up to a maximum of 100 at any given time. Deep Crystal is a type of crystal that allows the user to power them up for 2 PP to deal 2d6 extra damage on the next strike. These crystals come in all sorts of colors, and when an enemy is struck by one, there is a 10% chance they are affected by an Energy Ray power manifested by a 1st level caster. The arrow deals the damage type as appropriate to the color, or randomly for mixed colors:
Red – Fire 20%
Blue – Ice 20%
Yellow – Lightning 20%
White – Sonic 14%
Purple – Fire or Ice 8%
Green – Ice or Lightning 8%
Orange – Fire or Lightning 8%
Black – Sonic AND (Fire or Lightning or Ice) 2%

The user can take a standard action to purposely retrieve an arrow of red, blue, or yellow, a full round action to retrieve a white, 2 full round actions to retrieve a purple, green, or orange, or 5 full round actions to retrieve a black.


This quiver is granted to Cehos from the chest leading into the Forge. The quiver seems to only generate arrows for Cehos.

Shimerglow Quiver

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