Holy Symbol for Thorumak


Required to become and use any powers from the Illumine Soul class.


Thorumak, the god of creation and technology, felt awful that his beloved creatures had, using inventiveness and science, set in motion the events that have led to the end of the dimension. Thorumak, the god who stayed behind, has now been raising a small group of Thri-Kreen and sharing with them knowledge of harnessing powerful energy that is abundant in the material plane. Thritar are required, by rites, to be created by the user in their own specific image, which then becomes their conduit to the positive energies around them and allows access to the Illumine Soul class. The process costs 100 Platinum Pieces (MUST BE PLATINUM!) and a 5 day challenge in which the Soul Knife has nothing but their blade and clothes (not even food) for a journey across the Thak desert to meet with the Virathian. Virathians are friendly neighboring creatures to the tribe of Thorchi, to the north, and they have always had great relations.


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