Twisted Thunder

Lightning staff

weapon (melee)

This staff is a small +1 quarterstaff of Shock and Thundering.

Twisted Thunder allows the user to expend 1 additional power point on any power solely for the ability to deal an additional 1d6 electricity damage. The power is cast through the staff and effects the target only if the target takes some damage or effect from the power. As in, if a Mind Thrust is overcome, this extra damage is overcome as well.
Any power that already deals electricity damage can have its ML raised by 1 instead.


This staff is the broken remenants of the one used by Alabaster in Im’mos. After it was broken by Malazhar at the end of the battle, it was picked up and subsequently used by Vilu Kethech. The staff protrudes an odd smell, usually musky, to all of those except the user, which smells a nice, sweet smell.

Twisted Thunder

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