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  • Life Crystal

    h3. Life Crystal Mythology: The dromites of Nefir have always had a close connection to the Life Crystals, from the moment their founder walked through that portal all those centuries ago. For some reason when Nefir traveled through the portals, dre …

  • Dromite

    h2. Dromite: These creatures live deep underground, and are generally oblivious to the world above them. Kind-Hearted and good natured, a trait that can be said of no other race of Almendra, these creatures often underestimate the evil that can live in …

  • Nefir

    This dromite city-hive of only 1,476 is located somewhere in Almendra, but beyond this, no one knows an exact location, save the dromites that dwell within. The ultimate authority of the city-hive is the queen, along with her male consort, whom are …

  • Vilu Kethech

    *Socks' Carrying Capacity:* Light load = 100 lbs. Medium = 200 lbs. Heavy = 300 lbs. Dragging/Pulling = 1,500 lbs. Current weight: 30 lbs. (light load) Dex: 15 HP: 13